The North Fayette Community Association is a combined group of residents comprised of home associations (HOAs)  in North Fayette County, GA.





This association meets quarterly. A member of the Dix Lee’On Civic Association Board is represented at these meetings and is responsible for reporting meeting findings during the course of the year.



For more information on the North Fayette Community Association, contact:

Larry Mapp – President
North Fayette Community Association, Inc.
Phone – 770-994-7998
North Fayette Community Association News…
Next Meeting date and location: 

North Fayette Community Association, Inc.

3rd Quarter Meeting

Saturday – February, 17, 2017

10:00 AM – Liberty Baptist Church

2/17/2018 Meeting Agenda
Note: This quarterly meeting will be power packed with the following county and state officials present and presenting:
Recognition of Elected Officials and County Officers Representatives on behalf of County Manager,
Steve Rapson to address Code Enforcement, Gas Line matters, Emergency Management & Severe Weather Alerts.
 Presentation: Stephanie Kindregan & Michael Bowles of Kinder Morgan and Discussion of Gas Line Project purpose and impact on Fayette County. (Q&A 30 minutes).
 Reports & Q&A: – Georgia Legislature: Derrick Jackson, House 64 and Debra Bazemore, House 63 – Fayette Commissioner at Large, Charles Odo – Fayette Board of Education District 4. Leonard Presberg – County Sheriff, Barry Babb – Chief County Marshall, Harold Myers
How to join the North Fayette Community Association
2/17/18 Meeting Invite Letter from Commissioner Rousseau:

Good Afternoon All,

 On Behalf of Commissioner Charles D. Rousseau please see attached upcoming Meeting notification and agenda for those who may be interested in attending.

 Best Regards,

Marlena Edwards

Deputy County Clerk

Fayette County Board of Commissioners

140 Stonewall Avenue West

Suite 100

Fayetteville, GA 30214

Office: 770-305-5102

Fax: 770-719-5503

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