Animal Control Alert! Animal Control Laws must be adhered to in our neighborhood at all times.


Owners should always be in control of its pets. According to Fayette County law, an animal is deemed under control when it is confined within a vehicle, parked or in motion, is secured by a leash or other device held by a competent person, or is properly confined within an enclosure with permission of the owner of the property where the enclosure is located.

The Dix Lee On Board of Director’s position…

Please be aware that, after we’ve given notice to any owner of pets deemed “not in control” of its animals, and it is determined the Dix Lee ‘On Board cannot resolve this situation in a reasonable manner, we will escalate the matter to the Fayette County Sheriff’s department and the Fayette County Department of Animal Welfare and Control to assist us in resolving.  The safety of our residents is of utmost importance to our community. 

The fines for not adhering to Animal Control laws in Fayette County can be pretty high. Here is an overview of the fines.

Fines for Violations

A judge can fine any amount up to $1,000.00 and/or jail time. The first offense is at the discretion of the Judge, second and third offenses are mandatory set fines. You may be fined more but not less. Four or more offenses are at the discretion of the Judge.

Typical Fines

  • First Offense: At Judge’s discretion
  • Second Offense: $250.00 plus court costs and the animal must be spayed or neutered if it has not already been altered, including purebred animals
  • Third Offense: $500.00 plus court cost

It is State law that all animals must be vaccinated against rabies. Animals are old enough to be vaccinated against rabies at the age of three to four months. We do issue citations for unvaccinated animals.

It is State law that any animal adopted from an animal shelter or humane society are spayed or neutered. We do issue citations when someone adopts an animal and fails to have it spayed or neutered.

All other violations of the animal control ordinance must be heard in court.

We love our community, and our pets, and would do nothing to harm our pets – we just want to make sure our residents feel safe walking and playing in our community. So let’s be diligent in making sure we  adhere to the Animal Control laws.

The Dix Lee’On Board

For more information on the Fayette County Animal Welfare and Control laws, click on the link below:


Fayette County Animal Control


Laws Governing Animal Welfare and Control




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