This section will is used to identify items you may have  “Lost or Found” in our neighborhood.

Here’s the process for identifying and notifying us that you have Lost or Found an item or pet.

  • Contact any member of the Dix Lee’ On board directly indicating that you have lost, identified, or found a valuable item or pet.
  • Provide a brief description of the Lost and Found item or pet.  Note: Pictures will be helpful.
  • The item will be posted  in this section and also as posted a  “News Flash” at that time.
  • Once the item is identified, our Lost and Found team will make arrangements for you to pick up your item.

Important: Please do not post your name, phone # or address on the site for security purposes – You should only provide your personal contact info to the Lost and Found team or to the board

Please review this section from time to time review as list of what’s been Lost or Found.



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