We have set up several committees where you can volunteer and serve your community. You can find a complete description of each committee listed  under “Committees” in this section of the website.

We want to be a community of doers and this is a perfect way to take a leadership role to assist with this effort.

Here is a complete list of the The Dix Lee On committees and their team leads. Feel free to contact our president, Monroe Kelley, or Fred Watkins (Vice President) to connect you directly with the team leads of our  committees.




  • Social Calendar  – (Kimberly Paul & Harriette Watkins)
  • Community Outreach – sit and shut in & Bereavement – ( Velma Kelley)
  • Welcome /Hospitality – (Velma Kelley)
  • Block Captains – (Fred Watkins)
  • Neighborhood Watch (Monroe Kelley)
  • Men of Dix Lee On (Wardell Leonard & Monroe Kelley)
  • Women of Dix Lee On (Teloca Sistrunk)
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