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List of Departments (Directory)

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Important: Fayette County residents to Vote on new SPLOST referendum on March 21, 2017

Here is a proposed budget summary by category of how the funds will be allocated, if the SPLOST is approved.

SPLOST Proceeds budget summary by category

On March 21, 2017, the voters of Fayette County approved (Voted “YES”) to a 1% (or 1¢) Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax,  providing additional funds to improve our county infrastructure over the next 6 years.

Understanding the SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) – Fayette County residents voted “Yes” to this referendum.

In order to better understand how this funding will be used, click on the links below:

Here’s a link to a document outlining the proposed expenditures for the recently approved 2017 Fayette County SPLOST.


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Important phone #’s – City of Fayetteville, GA

Building Permits

Before you dig?

Driver’s License Information

Fayette County Animal Control

Animal Control

Fayette County Road Department

Right of way – Tree removal from street

Fayette County Water Department

Water Restrictions 

Water Testing

Utilities: Solid Waste link to website/guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions (Solid Waste Guidelines)

Utilities: Burning Permit Change – October 2014

Click on the link below for the latest update on Burning permits – Permits can now be applied for online quickly and easily!

Burn Permits will be issued by phone for the types of Outdoor Burning only during the period from October 1 through April 30. To obtain a permit during this time period, call:770.305.5468

For more details regarding Burning Permits, go the the website link below:

Residential Building Permits

Click on the link below to learn more about Fayette County building permits:

Fayette County Public Works

The Fayette County Public Works is a very valuable organization to our community – Please review the website link below for a list of their services, including picking up debris from the ice storm.

Fayette County Application Forms

(Building Permits, Elections and Voter Registration Forms, Wall and Fence forms, etc.) 

Below is a link  of official Fayette County Government department forms which are available online in PDF * format for viewing and printing. Readers must have a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader* in order to fill out these forms online before printing. Many forms require signature and/or must be notarized and cannot be submitted directly by email. Forms which may be submitted online by email are noted below.

Fayette County Watch Office – They will actually watch your home while you are away for a while….

Did you know you can call the Fayette County Sheriff’s department and ask the department to check on your home (drive by -look around the house) while you are out of town for a length of time i.e. vacation, etc??

Click on this link to receive valuable contact information on who you can call to check on your home – contact the Fayette County Watch Office and they’ll help you out! See link below

Watch your home form

Parks and Recreation  – Kenwood Park

Click on the link below for information regarding Kenwood Park

Click on the link below to look up any Fayette County Departments with telephone #’s.


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