All residents are expected be watchful of your neighbor’s property and our neighborhood.

To this end, we have created The Dix Lee on Neighborhood Watch initiative, with a team and systems in place to monitor our community activity at all times to ensure we keep it safe.

The Neighborhood Watch team offers “tips” to our residents on the role they can play in keeping our community safe. The Neighborhood Watch program, in conjunction with local law enforcement, works closely with the Neighborhood “Block Teams” to ensure each section (Block) of our community is strategically “monitored” at all times. The Watch team takes pride in serving as the eyes and ears of the Fayette County (GA) Law Enforcement organizations. Because of our technology and networking systems (we have  a direct link to the Sheriff’s department), we are able to realize one of the fastest response times to our subdivision (approx 3 min) in the county.  We also have direct help phone line to the Fayette County Sheriff’s department that is available to all neighbors in case of a Safety or Security emergency.

Join us at our next meeting for a progress report and update of how our Neighborhood Watch program is working!!!

Block Captains Meeting – July 23, 2016 – 12noon and 7pm


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