Board members Bob Kula and Monroe Kelley (pictured above L-R) relax after an early morning Men of Dix Lee on clean up session !!!

The Men of Dix Lee’ On – The Men of Dix Lee’ On host community activities throughout the year. These activities are designed to build long-lasting friendships within our community. The Men of Dix Lee’ On make sure the curbs are well kept and maintained, assist the “Neighborhood Watch” and Block teams in their duties, and “monitor” the neighborhood in general. All Men of Dix Lee’ On are encouraged to participate in the activities of this group. Look for future posts, including a schedule of future “curb clean up” dates from this group posted on the community calendar.   

For more information on the Men of Dix Lee ‘On contact: Monroe Kelley                          

Next scheduled event: Safety and Security Saturday workday project- LATE APRIL 2016 ! Contact Monroe Kelley if you are able to assist!

We spotted one of the Men of Dix Lee on, James Evans, destroying wasp nests in front of neighbor’s home!!!  Nice work James and thank you, Men of Dix Lee’ on!

To watch highlights of James Evans “War on Wasps”  (Press Play on movie below)

James Evans’ Wasp Nest adventure!


Next Project: April 27-30, 2016

The Men of Dix Lee On will meet each day beginning Wednesday, April 27, 2016 ending Friday, April 30, 2016, a 10am ending at 2pm at the fr0nt entrance to work on a special project – This includes tree trimming, curb appeal, lamp repair, updating greeting signs, and restoring housing old structures. Lunch will be served each day. Water will be provided by the Men of Dix Lee On.

We are asking all men of Dix Lee On get with Monroe Kelley to schedule a time when you can get involved.


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