To All Dix Lee On Residents:

The Dix Lee On Civic Association’s Board of Directors meet Quarterly. If you have any concerns, updates, or suggestions that pertain to our community, feel free to drop by one of our board meetings and contact our president, Monroe Kelley, directly to voice your interest.


Fred Watkins

Vice President – Dix Lee On Board of directors

Board Duties: 

Dix Lee On Board of Directors- Roles and Responsibilities

Here are the Dix Lee ‘On Civic Association’s Goals and Initiatives for 2016

Safety and Security 

– Enhanced block captain initiative

– Enhanced  Neighborhood Watch program

– Enhanced Security Front Entrance Project

– Enhanced Neighborhood Lighting Project

Protective Covenants/Bylaws initiative 

– Covenants Initiative – gain a 100% sign-up rate of community Covenants

Combined North Fayette HOA Initiative 

– Combined Dix Lee On/Country Lake/Northridge Annual Community Yard Sale initiative

Beautification initiative 

– Curb Appeal Initiative – Yard of the Month initiative

Dues drive 

100% Dues Participation drive

Enhanced Outreach 

– Continue Special Assistance program for families in need

Board Member News: 2017

Board Event: Holiday Breakfast gathering with Charles Rousseau (December 10, 2015)  

Dix Lee 'On Board of Directors Breakfast Gathering


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