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July 9, 2015

News Flash: Special election on September 15th, to replace Pota Coston’s seat, could return Fayette County to At-Large Voting

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Pota Coston – Candidate – Fayette County Commission – District 5 

CostonTo All Dix Lee On residents and the North Fayette Community at large:

We have a serious issue we need to address regarding “district voting” in our district and our fallen leader, Pota Coston’s district County Commissioner’s seat.  

Here’s the situation according to a recent article published in the Fayette News this week (July 7, 2015).

The county and school boards continue to prepare for a trial in their fight to undo the district voting system which was very likely crucial in Coston’s victory last November. The 11th District Court of Appeals decided in January to send the case back to the district court which originally ruled in favor of the Georgia State Conference of the NAACP and ten African-American Fayette County voters who sued the commission and school board to establish district voting in place of an at-large system. Resolution in that case hangs in limbo as each side prepares for trial, leaving the question of how the county should conduct this special election.

Here’s the issue: Without waiting on the legal appeal to change district voting in Fayette County, county officials are preparing to hold  a special vote to replace Commissioner Pota Coston’s County Commissioner seat, in September, 2015,  under an AT-LARGE VOTING model!!!!  The decision to proceed with the special election under an at-large model would further complicate matters if, eventually, the NAACP was successful in court and district voting was made official, according to the article.

According to the referenced published article in the Fayette County News this week (July 7, 2015 – see link below), Fayette County will hold a special election on September 15th to replace Fayette County Commissioner, and Vice Chair , Pota Coston’s position, and as of this week, county officials say they intend to hold it as an at-large election. 



Potentially, we could have a very serious issue in our community.  Commissioner Coston’s seat should remain a district seat and not an At-Large seat to not only honor her memory and her work, but to ensure our
district continues to receive the attention and dedication Commissioner Coston gave to us in her short, but extremely productive time.

If you agree, please attend tonight’s Fayette County Commissioner’s meeting at 7:00 p.m., tonight, Thursday, July 9, 2015,  in the Fayette  County Annex Building, 100 Stonewall – Fayette County Commissioner’s office.

If you cannot attend, you may stream the meeting on your computers at the link below:

Thank you,

The Dix Lee On Board of Directors



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