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February 11, 2014

Please be considerate of your Neighbors – adhering to Fayette County Animal Welfare & Control Laws

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To all Dix Lee’ On Civic Association residents & neighbors

Fayette County has strong Animal Welfare and Control laws – This law must be respected and adhered to by the residents of our community!

The board has received numerous complaints of three (3) dogs running loose (without a leash or without being with their owners) in our neighborhood. This has been going on for over a month now. This is a serious matter as the safety of

our residents is of utmost importance to our community. If you are guilty of such an offense, we respectfully ask you to please adher to the Fayette County animal control laws. Your pets are important to you, and we respect this, but they should always be kept in control of its owners. Please be advised that The Dix Lee ‘On Board of Directors will take action by contacting the Fayette County sheriff’s department if this abuse of the Fayette County animal control law continues. We wanted to give residents of Dix Lee ‘On notice and fair warning of this proposed action by the board. On the other hand, if these pets (dogs) are entering our neighborhood from other areas, please let us know, and we’ll take appropriate action to follow up in order to ensure the safety of our community. Thanks, The Dix Lee’On Board Here is the specific wording of the law found on the Fayette County Web site for animal welfare and control: Sec. 4-31. Restraint of animals–While

off of

property. (Code 1983, § 7-6; Ord. No. 92-01, § 2, 1-23-92) ((a) It shall be the duty of the owner of any animal to keep the animal under control at all times while the animal is off of the real property limits of the owner. For the purposes of this section, an animal is deemed under control when it is confined within a vehicle, parked or in motion, is secured by a leash or other device held by a competent person, or is properly confined within an enclosure with permission of the owner

of the property where the enclosure is located. (b) Any animal kept in the back of an open pickup truck or convertible car must be restrained by a leash. Such leash must be of the size and length to restrict the animal within the confines of the car or bed of the truck and to prohibit the animal from jumping out or over the sides or back of such vehicle. For more information on the Fayette County Leash Laws and other Animal and control guidelines click on the link below: Laws Governing Animal Welfare and Control  

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